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Uhuru yet to assign roles to CSs two months later

President Uhuru Kenyatta is yet to assign roles to Cabinet Secretaries two months after their appointments.

Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, acting for Uhuru, has not sent out the Executive Order Number One meant to define the terms of employment and responsibilities of the Cabinet members.

“The delayed Executive Order One has seen Cabinet Secretaries operate without knowing their terms of employment, the reorganisation of the government and the responsibilities in their hands to kick-start the realisation of the Big Four legacy agenda,” a source, who sought anonymity, said on Friday.

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Officials privy to government operations said the executive order elaborates on the government structure, including the departments, parastatals and other agencies.

“We’re relying on the previous Executive Order while executing our mandate,” one CS told the Star on Friday.

State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu and Kinyua did not return the Star’s calls for comment.

The order is issued by the President and has the force of law. It also contains performance contracts for Cabinet Secretaries. On Friday, government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe assured Kenyans that everything was on course.

“Every government programme has been designed and will be implemented so we build a Kenya where every citizen is in and nobody is out, regardless of whom you voted for in the past or you intend to vote for in future,” he said.

Uhuru retained six and appointed 15 CSs on January 26. The six were sworn in on February 16. The Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries only read and signed oaths of integrity and accountability. The 21 Cabinet Secretaries have reported to their offices and their predecessors having handed over smoothly.

The performance contracts will outline how they will execute their roles in line with Uhuru’s Big Four agenda — universal affordable healthcare, housing, food security and a strong manufacturing sector. The President is to relinquish power in 2022 after completing his last and second term at the helm.

“Every person entrusted with public resources will keenly be monitored. If any corruption is detected, drastic punitive action will be taken,” he said.

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