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Uganda to ban hooded boda boda riders after MP shot dead

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has said his government will ban the wearing of hooded jackets while riding motorcycles, in a bid to reduce crime.

He made the announcement at the funeral of ruling party MP Ibrahim Abiriga, who was shot dead on Friday by hooded men on motorbikes.

The state-owned New Vision newspaper quoted Museveni as saying that every motorcylist will be required to wear a reflector helmet with a number for easy identification.

He added: “It is time for us to wake up and say ‘Stop this!’ – and we have the capacity. Abiriga’s killers used a simple technique: they wore jackets with a hood. We are, therefore, going to ban covering of heads with hoods while riding. And the helmets must have a number that can be seen clearly at night.”

Crimes by people on motorcycles are also a major concern in Nairobi.

Boda boda riders in Nairobi have been banned from the central business district for security reasons and to ease the headache of the transport menace.

On June 7, officers arrested 60 boda boda riders in the town centre for flouting traffic rules.

The arrests marked the beginning of a two-week crackdown to enforce recently developed regulations for a less congested CBD.

The riders are required to have licences and identification badges, and wear branded reflective jackets bearing their membership numbers.

They are to carry just one passenger and are to stay off pavements, stop at traffic lights, insure their motorcycles and adhere to all other rules.

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