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Three Kenyan APs arrested by Ugandan police over Lake Victoria fishing

Three APs were among seven Kenyans arrested by Ugandan authorities near Mageta and Hama Islands on Lake Victoria on Monday.

Reports indicated that the police officers were apprehended alongside four local fishermen.

Mobile phones and their weapons were confiscated and the seven reportedly taken to Bugiri Mainland Prison.

Siaya County Commandant Patrick Lumumba told a local publication that the arrests happened at 3pm when eight police officers were on patrol.

He said the Ugandan officers laid ambush on Kenyan police and fishermen thinking they were civilians.

The Ugandan forces reportedly hijacked five boats and dismantled their engines on claims that Kenyan fishermen ventured into their territory.

Squabbles between Kenyan fishermen and Ugandan authorities over fishing in Lake Victoria, especially around Migingo Island, date back to 2013.

Ugandan authorities have been arresting and detaining Kenyan fishermen at will, often time without provocation.

They accuse the Kenyan fishermen of going past the demarcation and venturing into the Ugandan waters to fish.

Last year, 17 fishermen were detained in Uganda and their boats’ engines dismantled over the same allegations.

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