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Sonko to reduce parking fee to Sh200 for real

Nairobi motorists will enjoy reduced daily parking fees from Monday, Governor Mike Sonko has said.

In a statement on Friday, he said motorists will now pay Sh200 instead of the current Sh300.

The reduction was to take effect in December 2018, but motorists complained they were still being charged Sh300.

JamboPay, the company hired to collect funds, had said it did not receive instructions from City Hall to adjust the rates.

Parking director Tom Tinega then said the county could not implement the new lower fees before receiving the printed Finance Bill.

“Once a Finance Bill has been passed, our work is easier,” he told the Star. Then the document goes to the Kenya Government Printer and changes are later made in a digital, not a manual system,” he said.

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City Hall had earlier proposed an increase in parking fees to Sh400 in the 2018 Finance Bill.

But last year, Sonko announced it would go down to Sh200.

Sonko said the reduced charges will apply to saloon cars parked in the city centre and other public parking spaces within the county.

He said the changes have been included in the County Finance Bill, 2018 and that an agreement has been reached with MCAs for approval.

During his campaigns for governor, Sonko had promised to bring down parking charges to Sh140.

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