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Raila to meet South African President Cyphril Ramaphosa

Opposition leader Raila Odinga will meet South Africa’s President Cyphril Ramaphosa before travelling back to Kenya on Monday, his adviser has said. 

Raila flew to South Africa on April 13 to represent the Kenyan at the burial of the late Winnie Mandela. 

He was accompanied by his wife Ida Odinga. 

Jackson Jakakimba said the meeting will be private

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In his tribute, Raila said she will remain in the eternal memory of those who watched her struggles and experiences dispassionately.

“She gave South Africa her all, gained much in terms of bringing freedom to her people, and lost so much at a personal level in the process. Her place in history is cast in stone here in the land of many heroes and victims and among the human race in general,” he said.

The Nasa leader met with Deputy President David Mabuza, International Relations Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, Former President Thabo Mbeki, H.E Paulino José Macaringue, and a host of other dignitaries before the memorial service at the Orlando Stadium.

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