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Pay rugby boys quickly, Brand Kenya boss tells KRU

Bidco Group Director Chris Diaz wants the salary impasse between the Kenya Sevens rugby team and Kenya Rugby Union resolved as soon as possible.

Shujaas opted to play with their Brand Kenya sponsorship mark covered during the Paris Sevens at the weekend due to the non-payment of salaries.

The move appeared to anger Brand Kenya which had already released part of the cash for their sponsorship.

It threw the blame on KRU, which admitted using some of the money to settle bills including those for the training of the Kenya Fifteens team in Nanyuki.

Bidco is in a three-year sponsorship agreement with KRU, which has since promised to pay the team.

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Diaz, who doubles up as Brand Kenya Director, says the issues must be solved.

”I have asked KRU to pay the boys and harmonise the situation as part of motivation for the team. We want to move forward. … this should never happen again,” he told the Star by phone on Monday.

KRU is expected to write a proposal to Brand Kenya on how to compensate it for the two legs during which the players failed to display the sponsorship mark.

The union has given its plans verbally but Brand Kenya expects proper details.

The sportsmen are back to Kenya but the matter will be addressed once they are paid.

Diaz said they are focused on developing men and women’s rugby and that they will accomplish this if they read from the same page.

“We have asked for urgent support for the players and remain committed to our long term agreement with KRU,” he said. “We would love to start focusing on the next season once these issues are resolved.”

Brand Kenya is also planning a sit-down with the Kenya Sevens players.

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