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Uhuru announces 5% per cent rise in minimum wage

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a 5 per cent rise in the minimum wage during this years labour day. Labour CS Ukur Yatani who read the speech on behalf of President Uhuru Kenyatta also urged unions in the country to engage in dialogue before calling for strikes.  “In recognition of the good …

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Sonko rolls out voluntary retirement exercise for aged county staff

The Nairobi county government will soon roll out a voluntary early retirement exercise for its staff, especially those approaching 50 years of age. Governor Mike Sonko on Tuesday said a majority of the 13,000 county staff are too old and will retire in ten years time. “I have approved rolling out this program of …

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Critical window for learning a language

There is a critical cut-off age for learning a language fluently, according to research. If you want to have native-like knowledge of English grammar, for example, you should ideally start before age 10, say the researchers. People remain highly skilled learners until 17 or 18, when ability tails off. The …

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