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Air pollution increases Alzheimer's disease, suicide by five times – study

Exposure to air pollution increases people’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease and suicide, new research suggests. Lifelong exposure to fine-air particles raises people’s levels of the ‘Alzheimer’s protein’ APOE4, which is associated with rapid-onset dementia, as well as making people up to 4.92 times more likely to take their own lives, a …

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How aspirin may help perk up a man's love life

The medicine cabinet staple aspirin could be a new way to tackle impotence. In a recent study by researchers in Turkey, eight out of 10 men who were given the pill daily for six weeks were able to have satisfactory sex with their partner. The drug thins the blood and …

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Bungoma boy drowns in quarry full of rainwater

A eight-year-old boy drowned in a quarry in Bumula, Bungoma county, while playing with his friends on Monday. Emmanuel Musungu and the others had been looking for firewood when the incident took place a few metres from their home in Lunakwe village. The quarry was dug by GAB Company employees who …

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