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ODM leaders accuse Ruto of undermining Uhuru-Raila unity pact

ODM leaders have accused Deputy President William Ruto of undermining the unity handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and Uriri MP Mark Nyamita said it is unfortunate for the DP to be anxious over the deal that has stirred the 2022 election debate.

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During a meeting in Migori on Saturday, the leaders further castigated Ruto for his opposition to calls for a referendum to usher in changes to the Constitution.

“It is sad that Ruto has complained that calls for the referendum are noise to him. We would like to tell him that the calls are not made from his office or bedroom,” Sifuna said.

He said as Opposition, they fully support Uhuru on the unity talks adding that it is unfortunate that 2022 politics has made the deputy president to be unsettled.

“The deputy president is very cagey to a point of not acting as the second in command in Kenya. We only want a referendum to end tribalism and favouritism in the country,” Nyamita said.

The legislator said Ruto’s only chance in 2022 will be if he either becomes Kenya’s president or the official opposition leader.

He spoke during a funds drive in aid of building a new Owich SDA church.

His sentiment was supported by Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi who said Ruto should support his boss and Jubilee Party to speak in one voice.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala encouraged Ruto and his lieutenants to support the referendum calls and avoid the jitters of 2022 elections.

“As opposition, we are heading to the 2022 election knowing that we will not allow only two communities, Kikuyu and Kalenjin, to continue ruling the country as they have done since independence.”

“We may not talk of 2022 but since independence, only two communities have changed leadership batons in Kenya. We will not allow that when the election comes,” Malala said.

Mathare MP Antony Oluoch said NASA has managed to deal with its internal issues and has whipped dissenting voices opposed to the handshake.

He said it would be fair for Uhuru to also rein in on his lieutenants who are jittery about the unity pact to support the same.

“During Matiba’s funeral, the head of state spoke of dissenting voices in his yard. We call on him to crack the whip and make us move forward in unity as a country,” he said.

But Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama, who was elected on a Jubilee Party ticket, supported the Deputy President saying he is fully behind the handshake.

“We know there are those in Jubilee who are against the handshake but our Deputy President supported it from the word go. We now need unity in the country,” Kitayama said.

Migori governor Okoth Obado said the country should reciprocate the handshake to the ground and counties by bringing peace among all leaders who contested in the last elections.

Kitayama said as the minority Kuria community, they will support a referendum to ‘which takes care of the minority communities in the country’.

MPs Tom Odege (Nyatike), Peter Masara (Suna West), Caleb Amisi (Saboti) and Pamela Odhiambo (Migori County) among others were present.

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