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No crisis to warrant Jubilee PG meeting, says Tuju

Jubilee Party will not hold a Parliamentary Group Meeting on Tuesday, Secretary General Raphael Tuju has said, noting there is no crisis to warrant this.

Reports indicated that the meeting was to take place at an undisclosed location on Tuesday.

It was said that the meeting would discuss rifts between the allies of President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto.

At a press conference on Monday, party Secretary General Raphael Tuju said he learned of the PG through the media.

Tuju said that consultations with Majority Leader Aden Duale established no meeting will take place tomorrow.

He added: “I would like to assure members that there is nothing even remotely close to a crisis in the party to guarantee a PG. I am able to confirm that there will be no JPG meeting tomorrow and that any media reports to the contrary have no basis.”

Tuju, however, spoke of wrangles and said the party will announce strengthening programmes that include the launch of a party academy after extensive consultations.

“What we are experiencing is a storm in a tea cup. We are one party with one President and deputy but as usual, the media needs blood to sell. You people were used to fighting between Jubilee and Nasa and now that they are working together you need to get something, by all means, to report on,” he told journalists.

He also said: “When the President articulates anything in public, it becomes the public policy of Jubilee party so no one can hold a different opinion. If the President is convinced that the lifestyle audit hasn’t been pursued with fidelity, he has the responsibility to remind leaders to do so.”

Ruto’s allies have claimed that the lifestyle audit that the President ordered will be to his detriment. 

The DP said he was ready for the scrutiny and that he has nothing to hide.

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The Secretary General further noted that problems arise when people look at their regions instead of the whole country.

Tuju termed the 2017 elections “very decisive” and noted that those in the opposition are also Kenyans.

As we shake hands and embrace shared humanity, we must remind ourselves as a party that we cannot operate on the bases of threats, blackmail and arrogance. We must bring all the discordant voices together while we navigate with understanding and stop arrogance and chest thumping,” he said.

He added that Jubilee will take full responsibility for falling out across the country but noted that its leaders are optimistic that bloodletting will be contained.

When the party is strong, polarisation is managed,” he said.

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