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Mwakwere loses poll petition appeal

A chance for former Tanzania ambassador Chirau Makwere to politically redeem himself have been shuttered after a Malindi appeal court dismissed his appeal against Kwale governor Salim Mvurya.

Makwere failed to convince the court to allow him and other three people to substitute the initial petitioner Mbwana Mpole after he filed a notice to leave proceedings.

Mbwana had filed the petition in September last year.

However judge Mugure Thande struck out the petition at its preliminary stage citing failures of the petitioner to adhere to rules guiding the election cases.

She said the petition was defective and incurable and could not hold grounds.

Judge Mugure further slapped him sh 2.5 million cost

The petitioner was dissatisfied with Mugure’s decision and therefore appealed.

However,Mbwana notified the court that he wanted to withdraw from the matter denying that he was the one who filed the appeal.

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