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MPs for hire?, No smooth ride for Ruto, Nairobi toilet wars: Your Breakfast Briefing

“Rent-seeking” claims hit House Committees as Muturi reads riot act to MPs

Credible allegations against MPs being compromised by subjects of their investigation surfaced on Thursday during the sugar debate, casting doubts on the integrity of Parliament and its ability to probe corruption. The leadership of the House — Speaker Justin Muturi, Majority leader Aden Duale and his Minority counterpart John Mbadi — voiced concern that MPs have turned House committees into money-making opportunities.


Why the Deputy President will not get it smooth going forward

If your last name happens to be that of a former national leader, then society psychologically believes the blood coursing through your veins, has the leadership qualities as that of your father. And this is exactly what Deputy President William Ruto does not have. His father is not known to anyone save for very few.


An interview with Swiss President Alain Berset

Money from the Anglo Leasing corruption case that found its way to Switzerland has been frozen. Pending the conclusion of judicial proceedings, currently ongoing in the Kenyan courts, the Swiss government will return those assets to the Kenyan people.


 We invested in the toilets, they cannot be used for free – operators tell Sonko

A storm is brewing between the county and handlers of public toilets after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko ordered that they free. On Wednesday, the governor warned that he would ask the handlers to hand over the toilets back to the county to ease of operations and management. 


They said I would die at 20, now I’m 57 — sickle cell anaemia survivor

George Obiero has defied all odds to become the longest-living patient suffering from sickle cell anaemia in Nyanza region. Born in 1961 in the little-known Ngiya village, Obiero was oblivious of what was in store for his health until he was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia two years later.


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