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MP Memusi asks residents to reject rogue contractors, report shoddy work

Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi has asked residents to be vigilant and reject shoddy work done by rogue contractors.

Memusi, while launching his constituency development fund strategic plan 2018-2022, told his constituents to ensure various projects meet their expectations.

“You are to blame if you allow such contractors to do shoddy work on projects that you are taxed. These projects are yours and, therefore, you should guard them,” said Memusi.

He said the launch of his blueprint on development will guide his CDF office to achieve desired development for the people of Kajiado Central.

“It is a performance and management measurement tool for my CDF office because we want to know what our people need, and time it will take to advance their needs by making them a reality,” said the MP.

Memusi told his CDF board to adhere to provided guidelines in the blueprint to ensure professionalism, ethics and good governance.

“You need to identify all the strategic issues, set objective and milestones, evaluate them periodically, and use results to improve future projects and inform decisions,” Memusi told his CDF team.

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