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Mob lynches suspected cattle rustler in Nyamira

A man was lynched by an angry mob on Saturday on suspicion he was among a gang of thieves engaging in cattle rustling activities in the area.

Oira Onyancha, 20, is said to be part of the cattle theft racket that has caused trouble to Borabu constituency residents in the recent past.

Before his death, Oira named three other suspects who are on the run after police launched a hunt for them to face charges.

Biego-Nyaramba chief Beatrice Musa asked the residents to follow the law instead of taking it upon themselves to punish suspects.

She warned those who engage in cattle theft that they will not be protected from community members who have taken it upon themselves to wipe out the illicit trade.

Cases of cattle rustling are rampant in the country, especially among pastoralist communities.

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