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Miguna nomination a joke, let’s stop playing games

Let us take the county seriously and let us respect Nairobians. I personally want Governor Mike Sonko to succeed because if he succeeds, well, all in Jubilee will succeed.

However, we cannot succeed by playing political games. We are the ruling party with the majority of MCAs in Nairobi and it’s important that we all work together in harmony to solve the problems of city residents.

Nairobi requires serious leaders to solve the myriad challenges — including traffic jams where people waste many hours, bad drainage, little garbage collection and the entire road infrastructure.

The capital city needs serious leaders up to the level of Deputy Governor. The city generates over 60 per cent of Nairobi’s GDP, so the choice of Deputy Governor must be given serious thought. It cannot be ignored, especially when we are need concerted efforts to develop the city.

The party leadership must also be consulted. Above all, the person to be nominated must also consulted and give consent before any announcement is made. You can’t nominate someone you haven’t consulted, someone who hasn’t agreed to serve. I am not opposed to Miguna’s nomination but I must say it was meant to fail.

Miguna himself has confirmed this, terming the nomination malicious propaganda. Miguna is a Kenyan who took the citizenship of another country but he can get his Kenyan citizenship back any time he wants and have it regularised. But the issue is whether he was consulted.

The answer is no. This means his nomination is nothing but a political game. It is not a serious nomination and it was not meant to be. Nairobians want focused leadership that consults widely and daily on how to tackle security, drainage and sorting out all the messes within the city.

To achieve these things, the leadership Nairobians want is one that cooperates with the national government, especially in realising the agreed-upon re-engineering plan. Let us stop playing games and think seriously about how to improve the lives of Nairobians.

The Nairobi Senator spoke to the Star

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