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Lead revival of sugar industry, Lusaka tells Western MCAs

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has challenged MCAs from sugar producing counties to take the lead in resuscitating the industry.

This, he says, will boost the economies of the sugar-belt and guarantee Kenyans products fit for consumption.

Lusaka said the influx of contraband sugar must serve as a wake up call.

“The ailing sector in our counties is a great threat to devolution and must be remedied to restore the dignity of residents by creating employment and discourage the increasing vices attributed to poverty,” he added.

Lusaka spoke on Wednesday night at his residence in Karen, Nairobi, during a meeting with more than 70 MCAs from the western counties of Trans Nzoia, Busia, Bungoma, Vihiga and Kakamega.

“As the Ministry of Agriculture looks toward providing strategies that will restore the industry, let us remember agriculture is a devolved function. Your assemblies need to prioritise budgets that shall be channeled torebooting the sector,” he said.

The Speaker affirmed his support for regional economic blocs saying counties stand to achieve greater development from pooled resources and investments.

Borrowing the words of Chinua Achebe, Lusaka underpinned the significance of the dinner.

“A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so,” he said.

The ward representatives noted their support for the government’s Big Four agenda on food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and universal healthcare.

“Mr Speaker, we are here because you invited us but most importantly because we want to be here,” Shamakhokho MCA Douglas Beru said.

“As we confirm our support for the Big Four, let it be known that you have our full support and that we await your direction as we keep our eyes on the ball.”

Political pundits, however, see the Speaker’s move as a successful attempt in courting the support of grassroot leaders as he seeks to consolidate the vote rich western region.

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