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KOT demand state commendation for man filmed 'rescuing' gigantic ugali

Kenyans on Twitter have petitioned President Uhuru Kenyatta to award a man captured carrying a gigantic ugali during the demolition of illegal structures in Kilimani.

Through a hashtag #BoraUhai and #UgaliMan, Kenyans said if Githeriman was given a State commendation award for braving the morning cold and long queues to cast his vote in the 2017 General Election, the man who is yet to be identified also deserves it.

While some criticised the man for benefiting from traders’ misfortune, others said the man is considerate of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda of food security.

It all started when Nairobi county enforcement officers stormed Kilimani to bring down illegal structures.

As the sides engaged in battle, all that was on the man’s mind was how to slip away safely with his ugali.

During the sting operation,120 traders were arrested, and more than 100 illegal structures demolished.

Here is a sample of the tweets.

Vollah‏ @mzitooh said, “People are very hungry in this country poverty is biting really hard the underlying factor behind #UgaliMan actions need to be addressed a hungry man is an angry man with no reputation to protect. As usual corporate and talk shows will take advantage of his short term hype”.

Duke of Sarima said, “The rescue the #UgaliMan did simply sends a message to our government that life is quite tough out there,prices for unga aren’t friendly as they think”.

 Another user by the name @KinyanBoy said, ” A day after kanjo demolished structures in Kilimani, #UgaliMan is also done demolishing the giant ugali. For the gentleman, the traders miseries was a blessing. Moral of the story is survival in the city. Only the fittest live”.

While Dancehall Engineer‏ said #UgaliMan is already implementing the big four agenda, Food security and that he should be given land by the state to grow maize,@retired_comrad said the man can make a good ambassador of food security, lots of food are thrown away and wasted yet a good number can’t afford meals.

“It’s very sad that the government cannot guarantee safety of ugali anymore. I don’t know where we are heading as a feeding nation,”‏ @Bernardkiprop said.

While Meshack Omega said the man should officially be declared UgaliMan for such a sacred duty, Kenya West said the man deserves the Head of State Commendation for such a heroic show of resiliency and commitment.

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