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KMA warns of marine accidents in the next 72 hours

​Kenya Maritime Authority has issued another alert, warning of deaths in the Indian Ocean in the next three days if caution is not taken.

Acting Director General George Macgoye attributed this to strong winds of more than 40 knots along the coastline.

Areas to be affected are Lamu, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa.

“KMA cautions fisher folk, speedboat operators, pleasure crafts, passengers and the general public against venturing into the open sea during this period,” Macgoye said.

He said great winds, waves and reduced visibility “may cause loss of life and property” through “collision and capsizing of vessels at sea”.

Should an accident take place, the authority said, the regional maritime rescue coordination centre should be contacted on 0721 368313 or 0737 719414.

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