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Karua asks Kenyans to boycott sugar until contraband stock is withdrawn

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has challenged the government to withdraw all contraband sugar from the market.

Karua said unless the sugar is withdrawn, Kenyans should boycott it.

Speaking in Mombasa on Wednesday during the official opening of the 2nd Lady Accountant Annual Conference at Whitesands Hotel, Karua asked the government to clear the air on contaminated sugar.

“Kenyans we have a short span of interest or focus on matters that affect us. One day, we are talking about contraband sugar, which we were told has high levels of lead and copper that is harmful to the human health, but we were never told where the sugar went to,” said Karua.

She said the Cabinet Secretaries Sicily Kariuki (Health), Fred Matiang’i (Interior) and Adan Mohammed (Trade) owe Kenyans an explanation on what happened to the said contaminated sugar.

“We should ask this question loudly, ‘where is the contraband sugar? Has it been withdrawn from the market or the government is waiting for us to be poisoned?” Karua posed.

Karua said she has made a personal decision to boycott sugar until the government clears the air on what happened to the stock in the market.

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According to Karua, the government is slowly killing the local sugar industry.

“Unless they clear the air, perhaps we should now boycott sugar,” said Karua.

On the issue of the runaway corruption in the country, Karua said the Council of Governors made a mistake by asking for immunity for governors.

She said only the President, who is the symbol of national unity, deserves immunity for the court process.

“For Council of Governor to call for immunity it’s outrageous. Unless they are suggesting they have done something wrong, they have no reason to be worried. Every person must be held accountable,” said Karua.

She also supported calls for the audit on all public officers.

She said the reports that there is no legal framework for the auditing of state officers is erroneous.

“A lot of politicians say that there is no legal framework to back the lifestyle audit, that is very erroneous. The Public Officer Ethics Act obliges all state officials to declare their wealth annually. That is a law to back the auditing of the public officers,” said Karua.

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