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Is Kivutha Kibwana the Julius Malema Kenyans are looking for?

In Julius Malema fashion, Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has told off pretend mourners of veteran politician Kenneth Matiba’s death.

The soft spoken Kibwana posted a poetic tribute to Matiba on his Facebook page on Tuesday, asking God to cause Kenyans to end impunity.

He spoke of a hellish Babel, plagues, chains of poverty and the children’s lack of an inheritance.

His tribute was as follows:

Life and times of Kenneth Stanley Njindo Matiba

Now that you are dead and gone, we decree you a Hero

You who declined the silver spoon to open democracy’s prison door

You dreamed freedom, birth of a People’s Republic. A Canaan for the masses and others,will the citizens remember to mourn from memory ànd heart?

Who will come to bury you or it doesn’t matter your yesterday’s tormentors?

Will mèn in black sit through your departure as they banter?

Acknowledging an irritànt seemingly from the same stock

You stubbornly demànded justice from a lunatic state

You were told your pedigree was free, why the fuss?

We àll surmised you had gone bananas, why this trumpeting for chànge when everybody had safely retreated to them old days?

Tell God for us

He should give us one language, Babeĺ is hell

He should heal our endemic sleaze plague

Turn us away from impunity against his laws ànd ours

Tell our Father

His people are still chained in poverty

The youth hàve no country within their borders

The children lack an inheritànce

No future on the horizon

Tell the Almighty

The Eden he created for us, is now fenced private property

The majority living on the fringes of the periphery

With no warriors to reclaim the nation

No one to bell the cat, breathe life into the basic law

Maybe there will be a 21 gun salute to intern your decorated corpse

A small state expense for bidding you bye bye

So we can return to our as usual business

Counting and still counting

First liberation, aborted

Second liberation, squandered

Dream of a third liberation, a nightmare?

Pardon for saying: castrated liberations

Please don’t ask: was it worth it?

You are now liberated

By your Maker

As we await our Liberation train.

Matiba is largely credited with pushing for the introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya during his heyday in politics. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta eulogised him as a true Kenyan patriot while several leaders have asked the public to honour him by sticking to his ideals.

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Two public funeral services will be held for Kenyans to pay their last respects to the former Cabinet minister.

The first will take place at All Saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi on Wednesday and the second at Ihura Stadium in Murang’a town on Thursday.

Meetings will take place at Matiba’s family home in Riara Ridge, LImuru until Friday while a church service will be held from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday.

More on this: Public funeral services for Matiba set for Nairobi and Murang’a

Times LIVE said Malema’s fiery speech at the funeral of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela prompted people to do some good and walk in the foot steps of the struggle stalwart.

In his passionate speech‚ Malema‚ who is a leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters‚ called out some of the people who attacked Madikizela-Mandela during her lifetime.

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