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Increase funding for adult education, Youth MP tells State

Nominated MP for Youth Gideon Keter has called on the government to expand adult education system in the country to accommodate thousands of elderly people yearning for education.

He said since the inception of free Day Secondary education this year, 26,000 youth across the country have registered in all the six national polytechnics.

“This is an indication that many Kenyans out there failed to proceed with their education because of various challenges,” Keter said.

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The MP was nominated to represent the needs of the youth in Parliament.

Keter spoke on Saturday when he led guests from Nairobi to visit a popular Kalenjin songstress who joined school this year after a ten year break.

Marion Cherotich, 24, came to the limelight after she stole President Uhuru Kenyatta’s heart during Jubilee campaigns last year in Bomet.

She dropped out of school in Form One a decade ago after a short stint at Kaboson Girls Secondary in Bomet County for lack of school fees.

Cherotich, who goes by the stage name Bency, joined Form One at the Isinya Multipurpose Training Institute in Kajiado in January this year.

Keter said she is a role model to the youth in the country who would also wish to go back to school after dropping out of school for whatever reasons.

“We have come here today as her friends to encourage her that the future of youth lies in education. We have come to show her our love and to tell her she made a right choice to go back to school,” said the MP.

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Cherotich made headlines after electrifying President Kenyatta’s team in Bomet last year when she awed the hearts of the electorate and the party leadership by pelting a song praising Jubilee.

She revealed on Saturday that she has written 60 songs but has produced only six.

“Right now, I am concentrating on my studies and have left music aside for a while so that I can achieve what brought me here. Age is catching up with me and at 24, I expect to be out of here in the next three and a half years with a certificate that will give me a chance in public university,” Cherotich said.

Her teachers said her performance has been impressive and she is the second best student in her class where she has maintained a mean grade of B+ since she joined the institution.

Asked what she did with a Probox car gift she was given by Jubilee MPs in Bomet early in the year, Cherotich said she sold it and bought a piece of land in Bomet town for future development.

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