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I can't be bribed with Sh10,000, Shabaan says over rejected sugar report

Taveta MP Naomi Shabaan has rubbished claims that MPs were bribed with Sh10,000 each to shoot down the sugar report on contaminated sugar.

Speaking on Saturday in Voi, Shabaan dismissed an article in a local daily that named her among legislators that allegedly received the bribe.

“I treat this as a big joke. Ten thousand is the least amount I give to my friends for lunch,” Shabaan said, adding that the claims must have been ignited by people who wanted to tarnish Parliament’s ‘good name’.  

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Wundanyi legislator Dawson Mwashako who accompanied Shabaan termed the allegations as propaganda saying he was not aware of the alleged bribery.

“Whoever has evidence should forward it to investigating agencies instead of tarnishing our names. Some of the MPs listed in the newspaper have not even attended sittings in the last one month, yet you say they received bribes in toilets,” the first time legislator said.

Shabaan urged MPs pushing for reintroduction of the report in the House to let the Senate discuss the report instead.

She poked holes in the report prepared by the Agriculture and Trade committee saying it never addressed the issues raised by Kenyans.

“The report was bound to fail from the start. We expected the report to state whether the imported sugar was safe for consumption.”

The veteran politician urged Parliament to pass laws that would govern the volatile sugar sector.

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