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House leaders deliberately sitting on Bill shelving fuel tax, Mbadi claims

Minority leader John Mbadi on Thursday raised concern over what he termed as “a deliberate decision by the National Assembly leadership to sit on the Financial Bill, 2018, as Kenyans suffer”.

Mbadi said the minority side is reading dishonesty by the delay to forward Finance Bill 2018 to President Uhuru Kenyatta for his assent.

Speaking at his office, Mbadi said the delay is unjustified and called on Speaker Justin Muturi to fast-track the process to save millions of suffering Kenyans.

“We passed this Bill on August 30, which was exactly two weeks ago. The information I get is that the Bill is yet to be taken to the President and that is worrying,” Mbadi said.

“I want to tell the Speaker and the clerk that there is no justification at all for the Bill to be still here in Parliament.”

However, the law is silent on the timelines within which a Bill should be taken to the President for his signature.

“I find it dishonest for Parliament to continue holding this Bill when Kenyans are expectant.”

The Suba South legislator, who doubles up as opposition’s ODM national chairman, said Parliament should respect the voice of Kenyans through their elected leaders.

He claims some National Assembly leaders are playing political games with the Bill to buy time as government figures out options to circumvent the controversial fuel tax.

“We are exercising delegated authority, Kenyans have spoken loudly. Who are we to have second thoughts and to continue levying the tax? ” he posed.

MPs last month voted to extend the 16% VAT tax on petroleum products for two years. The introduction of the charge has seen fuel prices rise to Sh130 per litre for petrol and almost Sh100 for kerosene.

However, Treasury CS Henry Rotich said consultations on the fuel levy are at advanced stage and the outcome will be announced anytime.

The CS refused to give a specific time frame, but he was at State House on Wednesday to discuss with the President.

The Head of State is to receive the Finance Bill, and if he assents to it, the VAT will be suspended bringing down the cost of fuel.

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