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Hippos leave trail of terror in Kisumu

Two hippos invaded Obumba, Kisumu East subcounty, leaving a trail of destruction. They killed two cows and destroyed crops in rice and maize plantations.

 “The hippos attacked some cows that were grazing by the shores, killing two of them before they invaded nearby rice and maize plantations,” resident John Nguka said.

 Residents said they have been turned into refugees in their own homes and are unable to undertake some of their daily activities for fear of running into the animals.

 “We cannot even fetch water from the lake for our domestic use,” Anna Otieno said. Residents said appeals for intervention from Kenya Wildlife Service have been unfruitful.

 It is not the first time the village has been invaded by the hippos. But the residents said KWS responded swiftly last year.

 Residents have urged KWS to not only corner the hippos, but also compensate them for losses. 

Assistant chief Martin Olum confirmed an official complaint has been lodged with KWS who have said they will take action.

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