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Four killed as Borana, Gabra clash in Marsabit

Four people were killed  in Marsabit following clashes pitting Borana and Gabra communities on Saturday. 

Fighting erupted in Shurr village leaving three locals and one assailant dead in the retaliatory attack. 

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, during tour of the region last month, warned of arrest of politicians who incite people to violence. 

He ordered investigations into the leaders’ conduct with a view to arresting and charging them in court in the event they were found to be in breach of the law.

The killings came in the wake of the death of one person last Tuesday. 

Bubisa chief Mamo Wako said the Jaldesa-Shurr road was blocked to deter security agencies to access the area.

Deputy county commissioner Joseph Nyakwara said security personnel have been deployed to the area to calm the situation.

The affected areas remained tense for a better part of Saturday as locals blamed a local politician for instigating the violence.

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