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DPP directs police to probe officials involved in illegal building approvals

DPP Noordin Haji has directed Director of Criminal Investigations to immediately commence investigations on officers involved in approval of building in riparian land.

His order comes just hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered those found culpable for allocating riparian and public utility land to private developers to be prosecuted.

“I have directed the Director of Criminal Investigations to immediately commence comprehensive investigations to establish the circumstances, the procedures and the persons who irregularly and /or illegally issued the approval for the constructions of any buildings and /or structure on riparian land,” Haji said in a statement on Thursday.

President Uhuru supported the ongoing demolition of structures illegally erected on riparian and public utility land saying this is part of the proactive efforts by his administration to decisively deal with runaway corruption in the country.

The Head of State spoke when he presided over the inauguration of Prism Towers on Thursday.

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‘We must discourage corruption and encourage county governments to demolish properties on riparian land,” said President Uhuru.

He added: “We shall go after all those who issued the illegal permits, be they County or National Government officials. All those who gave these permits will be prosecuted.”

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko said the County Government will continue taking action against all structures that flout building laws.

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Sonko assured Nairobi residents that his government will demolish buildings illegally erected on public utility lands including land reserved for schools, in an effort to “correct mistakes of the past”.

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