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Diversify training to curb emerging security threats, Uhuru tells KDF

President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked the Kenya Defence Forces to modernise and diversify its training in order to master the country’s security environment.

Uhuru said KDF soldiers must have the knowledge to anticipate emerging security threats against the country.

He said it was only through good training that KDF will be able to keep the country safe.

“We have already anticipated the forces of terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism. Indeed we have met them in the field and what remains is to defeat them and secure Kenya and our region,” Uhuru said.

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Speaking in Eldoret during a pass out parade at the Moi Barracks Recruits Training College, Uhuru maintained KDF would continue to serve in Amisom operations in Somalia.

He called on the new recruits to always serve the country diligently with discipline, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty according to their oath of allegiance.

“As new service members I urge you to cultivate virtues that make a loyal and effective soldier for Kenya,” he said.

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He advised the soldiers to be dedicated and serve the county with patriotism in all areas.

“You cannot protect what you do not love, I ask you today to cultivate a deep love for Kenya, you cannot protect what you do not love,” he said.

He also congratulated women recruits joining KDF saying it showed KDF’s inclusiveness and excellence.

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