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Deputy headteachers to be appointed through competitive selection – TSC

TSC will appoint deputy headteachers competitively unlike before where such appointments were done by principals.

The commission’s vice chairperson Cleophas Tirop said they will advertise the positions, urging teachers with qualification to apply.

“Teachers who meet the qualification apply for this posts of deputy headteachers,” he explained.

Tirop noted that the move by TSC is meant to improve service delivery and proper management.

“This move is one of the transformations the commission is carrying out to better school management and improve service delivery that will lead to better education standards,’ he said.

The commissioner was speaking on Friday during the TSC annual open day at Kitale National Polytechnic.

He said the reforms in the teacher’s service initiated by the commission is bearing fruits noting of a massive delocalization of other teachers that will follow later this year.

“A headteacher is supposed to stay in a school for a maximum of nine years while a deputy is supposed to stay for a maximum of six years,” Tirop said.

He also urged head teachers to pursue masters degree which will now be compulsory for them.

He noted that in the new structure the number of administrative staff in schools will be proportionate to its size.

“A school with five streams will have two deputy head teachers and four senior teachers,” he added.

Speaking at the same function Trans Nzoia TSC director Aden Ibrahim revealed that the county has a huge shortage of secondary school teachers.

“As a county, we have over 1,000 shortage of secondary school teachers, “ he said. 

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