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Corridors of power

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua./COURTESY Machakos governor Alfred Mutua./COURTESY

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua was the object of ridicule yesterday, after claiming credit for managing floods along Mombasa Road, work that was done by KeNHA engineers. KeNHA officials closed the section of the road after the swollen Mto wa Mawe River’s water overtopped the bridge, making it impassable. But Mutua took to social media to warn motorists and other road users that the bridge had collapsed but his engineers were working hard to restore it. KeNHA communications director Charles Njogu said it was their engineers who closed the road and reopened it after floods subsided, and the bridge had not collapsed at all.


Things are not that good in a certain female-only sports club. According to a source aware of what is happening in the team, one of the male team coaches is favouring a female player who he ensures is included in all the foreign trips. Recently, before going on an international match within Africa, the coach included the beauty in the squad and left out a deserving player who was to play a utility role in the outing. Advise and protest from the rest of the team members landed on deaf ears. The ladies are now said to be planning to petition new Sports CS Rashid Achesa to come to their rescue before they are completely demoralised.


An MP whose August 2017 victory was recently nullified by a court and he quickly moved to appeal the decision is a desperate man. Reason? It is reported that as soon as the man was declared the winner of the August parliamentary election, he left all the WhatsApp groups that campaigned vigorously for him, including that of alumni of his former school. He no longer needed them. But lo, since the court nullified his victory, he has desperately been approaching the admins of the groups to see how to mend fences.


A number of politicians have found themselves in an awkward situation after President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga signed a truce last week. The majority of the politicians — both in Jubilee and NASA — had perfected the art of attacking Uhuru or Raila for political mileage and to please their supporters, depending on which side they lie. On Wednesday, a section of MPs from Jubilee and NASA were overheard along the corridors of Parliament teasing each other that they now have to reinvent themselves and tweak their speeches in line with the status quo to remain relevant. “Tough times lie ahead for us, I tell you. While I welcome the deal, we have been exposed,” a renowned and vocal MP from the South Rift was overheard saying.

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