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Corridors of Nairobi

Was Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko (pictured) really serious about nominating lawyer Miguna Miguna as Deputy Governor — a man he has neither met nor spoken to since July last year when they met in a debate before elections? We are told that State House is getting really upset by Sonko’s moves, especially because the House on the Hill is trying to help the former Nairobi Senator manage the city. The question many are asking is whether Sonko is really interested in having a deputy governor.


That Kalonzo Musyoka and Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu have suddenly become bosom buddies is a matter that has become of interest to many. The two former political rivals have been hanging out together and even hold hands in public as they go about their business. Some of their opponents believe time will tell if their newly found unity will last.


One of the senior government officials said to be involved in the new Sh9 billion National Youth Service scam has been making attempts to bribe investigators working on the case. We are told the official offered two investigators millions of shillings in exchange for lesser charges. The official, according to one investigator, has offered to be a witness against others involved, if that will guarantee ‘favourable’ terms.


Has the ongoing crackdown on those littering of the city become a money-minting venture? Some members of the City Inspectorate team have been demanding cash from people they arrest, instead of taking them to court. The extortion takes place in the city county van that askaris use to patrol. The question city dwellers are asking is, are the askaris above the law or are they acting on behalf of some big shots at City Hall?


Talking of the Turkana tycoon baptised Ekai Sonko, what is he really up to? Corridors has learnt the new ‘Mr Moneybags’ in money matters has acquired a new chopper that has since been tested by his pilot, a Mr Saina. The young man who has influence and affluence is said to be angling for a multi-billion shilling deal to acquire more hotels in Kuwait and London. The question is why is he investing outside the country! Others wonder if he is alone, or working with other wheeler-dealers to wield so much power and influence that they are feared by both friend and foe.

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