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Board absolves surgeons of blame

Chair of the Medical board George Magoha./FILEChair of the Medical board George Magoha./FILE

A new report by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board has revealed the mishaps that made surgeons at the Kenyatta National Hospital operate the wrong person.

Ministry of Health medical services director Jackson Kioko said the doctors who did the operation are not at fault. “Dr Hudson Ng’ang’a and Dr Mose Moraa undertook the proper procedure. However, it is not in dispute that the procedure was undertaken on the wrong patient,” Kioko said.

The nurse who prepared the patient was put on the spot. The committee said Mary Wahome’s competence must be put to test by the nursing council. Wahome testified that she had not recovered following an accident prior to the mishap.

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Wahome had requested for a seat as she could not take to the stand while giving evidence. “It was her evidence that workload at the hospital was much and on the fateful night they had 61 patients assigned to only three nurses. The appropriate regulator should consider whether the said nurse is fit to practice under such an environment. The nurse admitted being aware that the patient was in a confused state,” Kioko said.

He said when Mary was asked to prepare the patient, she went to the room to and called out the name. “The responsive patient who was in a confused state turned up and she prepared him,”he said, adding the act contributed to the mishap.

Eleven witnesses took to the stand. Further, nurses at the hospital had improvised identification badges.

Kioko said there were glaring gaps in the admission process. “Neurosurgery patients were spread in different wards, being potential risk to proper management and follow up,” he said.

There was a challenge on the chain of command and communication between the hospital and the University of Nairobi school of medicine. Kioko said university students had become more prominent than the staff.

Kenya Medical Practitioners, and Dentists’ Board,the Nurses Council, doctors who gave evidence and KNH management were represented.

The investigations into the matter that started on Thursday took two days.

The board had convened the preliminary inquiry committee and invited the other regulatory authorities such as clinical officers council, the nursing council because the surgery was a multi-disciplinary exercise.

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