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15 Chinese arrested in South C brothel on suspicion of prostitution

Immigration officers on Wednesday arrested 15 Chinese in a brothel in South C estate on grounds they have been engaging in prostitution.

“The 15 Chinese were arrested by Immigration officers this morning, ” the department tweeted adding that they were being processed for deportation.

The arrests elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with some questioning how the lot got in the country in the first place.

Twitter user @jeffmbuguah asked whether the group were expatriates terming the incident as total madness.

Martin Ndiragu questioned why the authorities were obsessed with deporting criminals instead of first locking them at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

“These guys live in one apartment, ten Chinese individuals. All they do is gamble at the various casinos around Hurlingham and Yaya,” Twitter user Roy Churchill said.

“From Yongli, to Golden Dragon, to Finix, Topstar casinos just a few to mention,” he added.

On September 6, a Chinese businessman Liu Jiagi was deported after calling President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans monkeys.

However, Chinese Embassy spokesman Zhang Gang said the remarks did not represent the views of a majority of the Chinese people living in Kenya.

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Liu was arrested barely a day after authorities raided China Global Television Network Africa (CGTN) headquarters in Nairobi in a crackdown immigrants without work permits. 

Those arrested were briefly detained before police later apologised saying the operation was a mishap.

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The Chinese have also been accused of mistreating SGR workers, a claim the China Roads and Bridges Corporation and Embassy has refuted.

China’s ambassador to Kenya Sun Baohong on July 27 said language and culture barriers was what that led to miscommunication.

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