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Tests will confirm Kabras Sugar is top quality, West Kenya says

Kabras Sugar surpasses quality standards, West Kenya Sugar Company has said following claims that it it unfit for consumption. The claims arose on social media after sugar repackaged in Kabras bags was seized by government agencies. COFEK said results of tests conducted at the government chemist showed the impurities in the …

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There was fraud in Sh660 million KPC procurement – EACC

EACC chief Executive Officer Halakhe Waqo has reported evidence that Kenya Pipeline Company defrauded the public in the purchase of aircraft fueling equipment. Waqo on Tuesday gave a report to the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Energy, amid investigations into KPC’s procurement of Hydrant Pit Valves (HPVs), the equipment used for refuelling aircrafts. The company …

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How to recognise signs of OCD

Think of OCD and images of compulsive hand-washers spring to mind. David Beckham has spoken of having it, as have actresses Charlize Theron and Megan Fox. But most of us actually know very little about the condition, despite two percent of the population – so literally millions of us – having …

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